Apr 5, 2012

Missed a good one....

I can't tell you how many times my palm has slapped my head in the last 24hrs.
Yesterday a friend of mine had a deal posted on her facebook wall where AMAZON was selling an Angel Care Baby Movement and Sound Monitor for $6.59 + $4.99 shipping via Diapers.com.  This is a monitor set that is regularly priced at $129.99!!!!
I clicked the link, pulled up the deal, but couldn't get Hardy to commit because his parents already gave us a Summer Infant Video monitor.  About an hour later we're laying in bed and he says "buy it if you really want it".  I kept trying to tell him we will certainly use the monitor his parents got us, but how could having an extra one hurt??  Especially one that does a little more like detect motion and gives you the room temperature!!
Well 1hr later was too darn late, because the deal was gone by 9:45 ::sobs hysterically:: 
The website that listed this great offer (and many more) is http://freebies2deals.com  CHECK EM OUT!!

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