Apr 18, 2012


What I've been up to...
The owner of where I work has season tickets to the Gwinnett Braves and when he's not able to attend any of the games, he'll pass the tickets out to us minions.  We got tickets for Friday nights game (I think it was only the second of the season) and we had a blast!  Hardy was worn out from work, so I took my sister in law and her two kids.  If you have not attended a G-Braves game - you're totally missing out.  I'm not even a HUGE baseball fan...as in I don't know the players by name unless they flash them on the screen, but these games are so much fun.  The stadium is so clean and intimate and of course the seats we were lucky enough to have were in the "home plate club" which is right behind....duh home plate. 
Throughout the game, they'll stop and let kids participate in little races or contests to keep the crowd entertained.  The Braves won, which made the game even more exciting and afterwards they had fireworks - which were fantastic (although the music selection could have been better).  So if you're looking for something to do this spring/summer - definitely give the Gwinnett Braves a try.  Not only is it more affordable than an Atlanta Braves game, but it's sooooo close to home you don't have to experience Atlanta traffic before or after.  They also have a grassy hill on the outfield (I want to say $3-$5 a ticket) where you can bring a blanket or chairs and just watch the game in your own space.  They also have bounce houses for the kids - for an extra fee.
Saturday we headed to Discover Mills to meet up with my brother and sister in law for The Hunger Games.  While we waited we went into Books A Million (my favorite bookstore other than Amazon) and hit some awesome deals on hardbacks.  Hardy of course bought I Am Ozzy (Ozzy Osborne's autobiography) and a few others.  My one and only purchases was A Lion Called Christian, an adorably sweet true-story of two men from Australia who purchased a lion cub at a department store in London in 1969.  
They raised him until he was almost 1yr and then transferred him to Kora National Reserve in Kenya with help from George Adamson (a well known Kenyan conservationist known for helping domestic lions rehabilitate back into the wild).  A year after Christian's transfer, John & Ace (who originally raised him) went back to visit Christian and to there amazement he remembered them. 
Some of you may have seen the "reunion" video, it went viral a few years ago on YouTube and was sent out via email.  I remember seeing it and of course crying because I thought it was so sweet ((In fact I showed Hardy a documentary on it Sunday morning and started crying again...)).  How a wild animal could remember two humans as if they were part of his pride is/was amazing.  The first reunion took place in 1971 and at the time, Christian had two lionesses with him who greeted John & Ace the same way he did.  You don't even have to be a cat person to find the video/story moving.  In 1972 they returned one last time to see him and at that time he was a full grown lion with a beautiful mane and still remembered them the same, but was more mature.  Hell I'm tearing up just typing this info and seeing his pictures. 
GO GET THE BOOK!  I only paid $3.57 for it :)

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  1. Oh geeze, you're making me all teary just reading that! I love that story but seriously can not even think about it without wanting to cry!

    Also, I love G-Braves games! I got to go to one before I moved and it was so much fun!!!