Apr 12, 2012

Hello chub and flub, where is the baby?

I've been reading and reading that first time moms don't "show" until later in pregnancy.  Depending on your body structure every one shows at different times, but generally within the 2nd trimester.  I was no fashion model pre-pregnancy, but I haven't gained any weight since becoming pregnant either.  While my pants are getting snugger and harder to button I'm all belly flab and no baby bump.  It's quite frustrating too.  Sure, I could just button my pants below my flab, but that doesn't even look like a baby belly, it just looks like a giant inner-tube being let free.  Is there a happy medium?  According to BabyCenter at 15 weeks your baby is the length of an avocado from head to rump...umm how could I not know I have an avocado inside me?!? 
No wonder people with grapefruit (and larger) sized tumors have no clue they have them!!  WHERE DOES OUR BODY HIDE THESE THINGS???
I guess I could invest in one pair of maternity leggings or pants so I don't have to force myself into my jeans and be uncomfortable - aka being cut in half all day.  I just fear that if I do wear maternity pants, I won't suck in like I normally do and I may end up looking 6mos pregnant instead of 4mos.  Oh what the hell...
I found this cartoon while looking for the one above and thought I'd share it :)

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  1. Do need feel bad. I was in maternity pants with both of mine at 7 weeks. I lost a ton of weight the first trimester because I was so sick, but my stomach immediately pooched. Suck it up and go get maternity pants. You will be comfy and that is all that matters!