Apr 27, 2012

17 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 17 weeks, ok now time is really flying....
Size of baby:  5 inches long, about the size of a turnip (gross)
Gender/Name: We will officially know on May 17th!  I'm so excited :)
Maternity Clothes: My friend, Tabitha and I hit up Old Navy and Kohl's last Sunday and I got some new pants and a couple maternity tops and they're sooooo comfortable!
Movement: Occasional flutters, usually after I get home from work
Sleep: I started putting a pillow between my knees and it's helped.
What I miss: Nothing.
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out PJ's sex and in 1 week we'll be at Disney World !
Questions/Concerns: Hope the blood test came back normal, I let them draw blood last week to test for chromosomal abnormalities and other deficiencies.
Cravings: Water
Best moment this week: I'm still high off that little heart beat, I have it saved on my phone so I can listen to it whenever I want :)   I attached a sound clip to my 16 Weeks! post (http://ahjones2010.blogspot.com/2012/04/16-weeks.html).  It won't show up on the mobile version so if you haven't listened to it - look it up on your computer, it's so sweet!!!

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