Dec 9, 2011

Vacation Day 3 - Castaway Cay

We woke up pretty early so we could get onto the island quickly and enjoy as much of the day as we could. 

I can't brag on this ship enough...

My mistake was not wearing shorts under my bathing suit bottoms so after about 3mi, I was wishing I had some cornstarch!  Luckily they did have a tram that took you to certain drop offs throughout the island and I was sure we caught the one to take us out to Serenity Bay (the adult beach). 

Heaven....I know

We had already been to Coco Cay (Royal Caribbeans private island) and aside from the many Disney decorations and set-up, the islands are similar. Nice clean white sand and the clearest water you will ever see. It's also VERY shallow, you can walk out almost .5mi and still only be knee deep.  Regardless of decorations or no decorations, it's paradise for sure!

And in true Disney fashion, they even had a Christmas tree on the island

We hung out on Castaway for about 4hrs and then got back on board the ship.  The water was a little too chilly to actually enjoy the ocean anyway, but we had also been told by our waiter that Castaway Cay day was the best day to ride the Aqua Duck because most every one was OFF the ship and on the island - he was so right!  Every other day since we'd gotten on board the line for the Aqua Duck was relatively long, but we walked right up and got on immediately.


Next up....Pirate Night

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