Dec 26, 2011

Is it already over?

I don't know if it's because there was no snow (which there rarely ever is in Georgia) or because it wasn't bitter cold, but this Christmas just didn't feel like Christmas. The rush to buy gifts came and went and now every thing is least on our end. We had a wonderful Christmas, I hate to say that knowing there are many families who didn't have the same joyful holiday. It makes me even more thankful for the life and family that I have.

I'm watching re-runs of Boy Meets World on you remember that show? I miss the old Disney Channel. Shows like The Torkelsons, Fast Forward, Bug Juice, Even Stevens and yes...even Lizzie McGuire. Back when TV was still somewhat innocent and cute.

For Christmas Hardy got me a few things, but among them all was a beautiful Mickey Mouse watch, I'll have to say it's probably my favorite gift this Christmas. I've been looking for a Disney watch for a while now to no avail. They had a million on the cruise ship (or so it seemed), but nothing really caught my eye. The band was too big or the face was too flashy...sometimes the face was too big. I know I can be difficult describing what I want, especially when it comes to something with so many options, but he did an amazing job :) He also got me a biography on Walt Disney and I'm excited to get that started!


How was YOUR Christmas?

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