Dec 8, 2011

Vacation Day 1

Let me preface this by saying we're officially spoiled.  If we go on anymore cruises in the future it will only always be Disney....they blew Royal Caribbean out of the water, which I'm sure can only mean they knocked Carnival out of the sea!

The last two cruises we went on with Royal Caribbean, we left from Port Canaveral, FL.  Both of those times, we also stayed at the Radisson because they offered free parking during your cruise as long as you stayed one night with them either before or after your cruise.  It was decent, but nothing to write home about.

This time we stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriott and were very very impressed.  It was a little bit more $$ wise, but you get what you pay for.  Our room was like a small apartment, very cozy.  They also offered to let you park your car there while on your cruise, but they charged $5/day....still cheaper than parking at the port.

We rode the shuttle over to the port around 11:15am, went through security..etc and boarded at 12:00pm.  For every family/group that boarded the ship, they had Disney castmembers there to announce your arrival to everyone in the atrium...I thought that was pretty cool.

The Dream is "Donald's" ship, so he had a statue right in the atrium

After picking our jaws up off the ground from how awesome the ship was, we headed to Enchanted Garden for lunch.  Upon our walk to the restaurant, we encountered a few "enchanted" paintings throughout the ship.  Of course the kids were all amazed by it, but I was pretty fond of them too!  I only videoed one of them...but here it is.

After lunch we decided to explore some more, I think we went to every floor of the ship at least twice.  The outside deck of the ship was very pretty, they based it off the design of older cruise ships, much like the Titanic.  Wooden decks, with wooden lounge chairs and cushions.  It was so neat to see it the way they used to be.

While walking around the deck we got to see a Manatee, unfortunately the water was too dark and my camera wasn't able to catch it.  By this time our rooms were ready, so we headed to ours to check it out. 

Huge right? 

The couch pulled out into a sofabed

Interactive porthole is standard in all inside rooms.
It played a live feed of what was outside the back of the ship and occasionally
cartoon characters would come across the screen.

I loved the lamps

Yes, this is a shower/tub and it was very spacious!

Each stateroom has two portable phones to use onboard the ship.
It was FREE to use and you could call/text at any time.
It's a great way for families to keep in touch.

The last night of the cruise I actually used
the shampoo/conditioner and I loved it!

After the emergency drill we went to the forward top deck so we could watch the ship leave port.  At 6:15 we went to the Walt Disney Theatre to see the first production, it was called The Golden Mickey's and was AWESOME.  The acting/singing/costumes/ was almost better than the shows you actually see at Disney World.  I'm not sure how those performers can do it when the ship moves, very impressive.

The first night our dinner was in Royal Palace and was delicious.  I think one of the best parts of cruising is all the food.  Granted we just ate at normal meal times, we didn't go looking for snacks, but still there is so much to eat for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner it's unbelievable.

We ended up calling it a night pretty early because I had a headache...look for day 2 tomorrow!

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