Dec 9, 2011

Vacation Day 2 - Nassau

We woke up early, enjoyed a yummie breakfast in Royal Palace and then got off the ship to explore Nassau. 

Just to show you how big the Dream was, it towered over most of the buildings in Nassau.

We had been here twice already and I'll be honest, there's nothing there that really appeals to me (unless you do an excursion or head over to Atlantis).  The residents there could care less that you're there, which might be a good thing I guess.  Hardy and I aren't "shoppers" outside of movies and music I guess, so all of the shops along Bay St don't catch our attention.

Hardy wanted to check out Fort Charlotte, he had read reviews online that it was just a 20min walk from the straw market and worth it.  Well we didn't have a map on hand when we first got off the ship, so we ended up walking about 20mins out of the way, then all the way back to where we started and another 30mins in another direction.  We stopped at Junkanoo beach for a few minutes.  It was a small beach, but a nice escape from the crowd and it was FREE access....I wished we had brought our suits with us.

We got back onboard the ship, ate lunch and walked around for a while.
Isn't the ship amazing?

Hardy trying to help Donald out of a tight situation, I thought it was cute

There were three other ships docked at Nassau at the same time,
this is a picture of one of Cunard's ships, Queen Victoria (this is for the REALLY rich)

A view of Atlantis from on deck

Our future house, ha ha ha

  We stopped and watched a few minutes of Monsters, Inc on the jumbo screen near the family pool.

Then decided to go for a swim,  apparently Nassau doesn't appeal to many people (especially if they've visited before) because there were still a ton of cruisers onboard the ship.  We went back and forth between the hot tub and the pool for a little while then decided to try our luck at the 9-hole putt-putt.  Hardy beat me by 1 point...dangit.

Here is the grand Christmas tree they had set up in the atrium of the ship.

We hung out on top deck along at the front of the ship on this huge sofa and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Monday nights production was called Villains Tonight, it was a cute show about Hades (from Hercules) getting his "evil" back. I really cannot express how awesome the shows were, the singers were great, the costumes and sets were unbelievable. It was sometimes easy to forget you were even on a ship. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the shows because flash wasn't allowed and well, I couldn't figure out the low-light setting on my camera without having light to begin with.

We ate dinner at Animator's Palate and I was blown away with how awesome it was.  The entire restaurant was themed around....well an animators palate.  They had scrap papers on the wall, images of dozens, even hundreds of Disney character sketches. 

Our table number was a bucket of paint brushes and pencils.  Even the small spreader they supplied to butter your bread with was shaped like a paintbrush...VERY creative.  You have to give credit where it's due and Disney Imagineers know what they're doing.  About 20mins into our  meal, many of what we thought were just pictures on the wall changed and we were suddenly under the sea with many characters from Finding Nemo (Crush, Nemo, Marlin, Bruce....etc).  Occasionally Crush would stop at a table and talk to the guests. 

Their attention to detail when creating experiences like this is beyond anything you could ever imagine.  This was probably my favorite restaurant of the entire trip, because I loved the magic of it all.

Next stop...Castaway Cay

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