Dec 14, 2011

Pirate Night!

On Wednesday night of our cruise, the entire ship celebrated Pirate Night. 

While we were on Castaway Cay earlier in the day, I caught Jack Sparrow walking along the beach and tried to get a picture with him, but he kindly declined stating he was in a hurry and I could catch him on the ship later in the day.  He was right, we happened to walk past the D-Lounge and spotted him taking photos, so we hopped in line :)   Kudos to whoever this guy was, he may not have been a spitting image of Johnny Depp, but he had the talk/walk/personality down to a T!

(I hate how we look in this picture, but I'm sharing it anyway)

All of the staff were dressed as pirates, if not in a full costume, at least some stripes and a bandana...etc. All of the sit down restaurants shared the same menu for this night only, in honor of Pirate Night (I had Captain Jack Sparrow's Beef Spare Ribs), I can't remember what Hardy had - shame on me.

After dinner, we headed to the pool so we would have a good spot for the Pirate Night festivities.  They had covered all of the family pools so the entire pool deck was wood flooring.  At 10:30, they shot off fireworks in the middle of the ocean - it was great (tip, they shoot them from the starboard side)!  Disney is the only cruise line "allowed" to launch fireworks from their ship!!  After the fireworks, they started Club Pirate "the best dance party in the seven seas" as they kept calling it. We didn't dance, lol but it appeared every one was having a wonderful time!

This picture was taken before the mass of people showed up

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