Jul 5, 2011

Writer's Block

It’s been a while since I posted, I just haven’t had any particular topic of interest that I felt the need to write on.  I couldn’t even think of a good Top 10 list for Monday. 
I am alive though, just incase you were wondering…
The extended weekend was nice. 
Friday evening we watched movies.
Saturday I went swimming with my sister in law while Hardy and my brother headed over to Movie Stop to trade in some movies.  I got a good bit of sun on my shoulders even though we weren’t out there more than 2 hours (funny how sunburn takes HOURS to really show up, it wasn’t until 11pm that I noticed my skin was on fire.).  We went to Hope’s for dinner and to check out the fireworks at Sterling on the Lake (a subdivision in Flowery Branch).  Before fireworks we enjoyed a couple of games of badminton, where I proceeded to get eaten alive by mosquito's. 
Sunday we went to church, got groceries, watched some more movies and just chilled out.
Monday we spent the evening with our good friends from trivia and watched the fireworks at the Mall of Georgia.  They were good, as they have been in years past.  We had a perfect seat parked at Target.  Traffic was pure HELL when we tried to leave though.  The cops had all the traffic lights off and they were directing traffic.  I’m sure if they had just left the lights alone, we would have all been on our merry way LOOOOOOOONG before 10pm.
So that was our weekend – how did you spend your 4th?

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  1. your weekend sounds great. We kinda just hung out. Went out on the boat, went to my sisters, just generally a good weekend.