Jul 26, 2011


I've been told by several people I remember too many things. I was listening to Q100 yesterday morning on my way in to work and they were talking about their "youngest memories" and it really had the wheels in my mind turning. Certain things can trigger a memory...a smell, song, show, car, piece of clothing...the list goes on and on. 
Here are a few of my memories....
March 31, 2000 - The night I met Hardy
I was wearing L.E.I. blue jeans, a white Garbage Pail Kids t-shirt (feat. Boney Joaney) and Glazed doughnut flavored Lip Smacker's chapstick.
May 13, 2000 - Hardy's Junior Prom
My first dance with my first BOYFRIEND.  Aren't we so cute?

February 14, 1999 - The day I thought I was going to marry Taylor Hanson

I'm obsessive in nature, when I find something I like I tend to become enthralled in it. I would say it started with Hanson...and it lasted a loooong time. I got made fun of so much in school, but I didn't care, I was proud to represent. In the middle of the severe ness of my Hanson obsession, I decided to set a wedding date....keep in mind I would have only been 14 at the time of our "wedding"....kind of disturbing. Needless to say I DIDN'T marry Taylor, but he did marry a girl from Georgia who is a brunette, lol.

SONG Memories
Lightning Crashes by LIVE
This song will always remind me of my mom and Trevor. She was in love with this song when she was pregnant with Trevor and no matter when I hear it, I always think of the two of them.
Time by Pink Floyd
My junior year at Central I was taking Music Tech class (which was so cool) and became friends with Keith Stephens. At the time he was in a band and they performed at the Battle of the Bands that year and performed this song, of course the highlight of the song was the guitar solo which Keith played....I was just in "awe" of him. I couldn't believe he was so talented.
Blue Monday by Orgy
Orgy was another band I was slightly obsessed with as we exited middle school and entered high school. Freshman year at Central Gwinnett Azra Muftic, Danielle Barthen and I all made up a dance (with the help of my mom) to a dance remix of this song, so to this day when I hear it...I imagine the many evenings after school where we practiced in my kitchen.
Breaking the Law by Judas Priest
The summer of 2004 we were on our way to Charleston, SC when I was pulled over for doing 68 in a 55 (even though he claimed I was doing 72). How ironic that THIS song was playing, I will not let Hardy play this song when I drive.
Generation Swine t-shirt
Hardy gave me one of his Mötley Crüe t-shirts after we were dating for about a year. I put it on a teddy bear I'd gotten for Christmas one year and anytime he visited, I always asked him to spray the shirt with his cologne.
Black pleather pants from Gadzook's
I used to love this store and Hot Topic back in the day. For Christmas 1999 my mom got me this pleather pant and jacket set. I wore those pants with pride. I got made fun of, but again I didn't care. What fun is being yourself if you're trying to be what someone else wants you to be?
Gelly braclets
These were so "in" in High School, but once every one adopted them, it wasn't so fun anymore. At one time I had close to 100 between both wrists. I stopped wearing them eventually, but after moving to Bloomingdale, GA and starting my new school, I noticed no one else was really wearing them, so I brought them back into my daily wardrobe.
Gelly shoes
Ahhh childhood, I remember having a clear pair and I think a pink pair at some point. I loved wearing them, but they always made my feet stink!
Belly button ring(s) as earrings
Another time from high school....I decided to gauge my ears using belly button rings (14g). I actually still have them that size now, I've never wanted to go any bigger, only now I have two holes in each ear. Other than them getting tangled in my hair occasionally, they're a lot easier to take care of then small studs. My ears don't ever bother me.
So tell me....do any of you have special memories from long ago??  Or any triggers that remind you of a person/place/time period?


  1. Oh I LOVE this post!!! I have a memory like yours as well. There are WAY too many triggers for me to list but "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton will always remind me of mine and Keith's first date. He purposely had it playing in his truck when he picked me up. LOL. The scents of "Gingham" by Bath and Body Works and "Sunflowers" totally bring me back to the 5th grade. End of the road reminds me of my first dance with a boy and any Korn song reminds me of my "goth" stage in 9th grade, lol.

  2. It's letting me post!!! This is a miracle!

    You do have a really good memory. Damian is the same way. He tells me vivid details of things het did years ago. Considering he is 3 (for a few more hours!) it completely blows my mind. He was talking the other day about how we went over differnt bridges last year when we went to the beach with my sister. He was only two at the time and he compared the bridges from last June to this trio in April. You two are very lucky to remember everything!

    P.S. The picture with the pleather pants is hilarious :) That is definitely a great picture!

  3. Why would people make fun of pleather pants? They're so sexy!