Jul 27, 2011


I'm LOVIN' life, period.

I'm LOVIN' that in ONLY 129 days we'll be setting sail on our first Disney cruise :)

I'm LOVIN' the recent thunderstorms we've been getting, as long as they don't become severe of course.

I'm LOVIN' the new season of True Blood, it was getting a little crazy at first, but it's toned down to some bit of normalcy the last couple of episodes.

I'm LOVIN' that Trevor is so intelligent.  Earlier this summer he participated in a summer program at University of Alabama-Birmingham involving cellular and molecular science.  He is now doing another two week course there where he actually gets to work in the lab, dissecting specimens and working with DNA samples..etc etc.  He said he plans on becoming an Oncologist (go big or go home, right?!).  He will he be a sophomore this fall, my little brother is getting so old!!

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