Oct 12, 2012

Things I've learned

In just three weeks I've already learned some interesting things about babies and being a new mom.

- Sleep is underrated

- Sometimes babies make noise just to make noise

- Your nipples can actually scab and peel --- gross fact, but totally true

- Don't try and go sans bra...unless you want to soak your clothes

- You're not in control, the baby is

- What is sex?

- Healing after vaginal delivery is painful and uncomfortable. Even with ice packs, hemorrhoidal pads and Dermoplast, expect discomfort unlike any kind you've probably felt in your downstairs region.

- Showers are now short and sweet and somehow shaving my legs feels too time consuming most days

- The way other people raise their kids may not be the exact way you should raise yours

- In our case you really do need a good stash of newborn diapers...

- ...because sometimes you will waste 1-2 diapers during a change if your baby is still doing their business while you're attempting to change them

- Babies peel and even though you want to get some of it off, don't

- Patience is...well it's a big deal

- I've unintentionally neglected my cats (insert sad face)

- Being out of my normal routine, I've already forgotten to pay some bills...luckily I realized this prior to them being late

- Getting angry at your husband even though he's pulled his weight and probably been more involved than most Dad's is inevitable

- Somehow hearing my own baby crap her pants makes me have to go to the bathroom

- You may want to change your sheets on a daily basis because hormones can cause excessive night sweats

- If you feel like you need to cry, just cry...because most likely you won't have a chance to later and it's better to release it -vs- hold it in

These are just a few random thoughts from my experience that have been going through my head lately and I thought I would share.


  1. Love this!!! It is all so true!!!! I was late on bills with kye...with britt I paid everything way early

  2. It sound like you have officilly entered mommyhood!