Oct 29, 2012

Separation anxiety

I've stepped away for a few minutes here and there since Persephone was born, but nothing over an hour. It feels good to get away sometimes, have a moment to myself and feel human again. I love the time alone with my daughter, but you don't realize how off track you become when your daily activities consist of baby talk, bottles, dirty diapers and laundry!

So this past Friday my younger brothers dad offered to watch Persephone so Hardy and I could step out and have dinner alone. I was so thankful he did because Hardy and I really haven't had any alone time as a couple. Even though we just went around the corner to Chili's we were still "away", lol.

Then Saturday we asked Hardy's mom to come babysit so we could finally make a trip to the haunted house. This was our first year not being involved physically. I'll admit I have missed it, but I don't miss the drive to Dahlonega and I know I would miss Persephone more.

So we left the house at about 6:45 and didn't get home until some time after 10. While we were waiting in line I tried calling his mom to check on the baby and she didn't answer, I was so upset. I know she was fine, but I wanted to be able to check on my baby when I want! After that point I really started having Persephone withdrawals...even as precise as not being able to remember her smell.

I can only imagine how tough my first day back at work will be...yowsa

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