Oct 10, 2012


Pediatrician appt went well, I really like her doctor (Dr. Bailey at Longstreet Pediatrics). He's sweet and explains things and talks to us without rushing us out. He's also good to her (not in a creepy way).

As of today (19 days old)

Weight - 7lbs 14oz
Length - 20.75"
Head circumference - 14"

He is referring us to a dermatologist because she has a place on her head that he called cutis aplasia. A type of deformation of her skin when developing in utero. He wasn't overly concerned about it, but said a dermatologist is who would make a call on it. If it is cutis aplasia he said hers is a very mild case and they wouldn't do anything with it until she's about a year old.

So far she's doing great and healthy :)

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