Oct 20, 2012

Thank you

I just wanted to take a minute to thank every one who has been so sweet to us since we learned about our pregnancy (and after her birth).  From gifts to food to clothes and even offers to babysit, we are truly thankful.

At first I started telling people "No thanks" when they would offer to watch her for a few minutes so we could get out of the house.  I guess parental instincts kicked in and told us to say no.  Eventually I realized that time away doesn't mean you are abandoning your baby, but rather taking a break so you can gather yourself and actually be a better parent.

Two of my co-workers/friends watched Persephone one day before Hardy went back to work so we could enjoy lunch alone.  We DID go to lunch, but it was literally 2 minutes away and the service was so fast we were back within 30 minutes.  They thought we faked it, ha ha.  Truth is we didn't have a whole lot to talk about so we didn't drag lunch out longer than it needed to be.  It's kind of a tug-o-war when you're away from your baby (at least so far in my case).  Part of me lets out this sigh of relief knowing I'm still human and my name is Amanda and I'm 27yrs old - but another part of me starts wondering what Persephone is doing and if she's ok...etc.

But seriously...you just don't know how much people love and care for you. 

I would especially like to thank my mom.  Not that I don't appreciate anyone else, but sometimes you need/want your "Mom" regardless of what anyone else offers.  She's helped me become more comfortable with being a mother myself.  Occasionally I get a little anxious when I can't figure out what a certain cry means or why she's being fussy and when my mom is around she gives me suggestions that really help.  ((It doesn't hurt that when she visits she keeps Persephone at night and Hardy and I are able to get uninterrupted sleep - even though I still wake up when I hear her cry out)).  I know some of you are probably saying that's the only reason she gets a special shout out...but it's not.  And even if it was that's ok cause this is my blog and I can do what I want.  I kind of hate that she lives three hours away, because I wish she could visit Persephone more often, however, I think it makes her visits that much more exciting (for both of us). 

So one more time and it won't be the last - THANK YOU EVERY ONE for your help and love!


  1. I live three hours away from my family and you're right...it does make the visits so much more special. You really look forward to them, you really enjoy them and then you really miss them. It kind of stinks to be that far away, but it definitely has its perks! So glad y'all are doing so well adjusting to everything. =)

  2. so wonderful to be blessed with such a sweet mama!!!!