Apr 6, 2015

Live Animal Cams!

A few years ago, my mom and I got hooked watching the egg laying/hatching of the Decorah Eagles nest in Iowa.  It was so neat to be "part of" that process.  You are so up close and personal with the eagles, but obviously in a safe way.

In fact, they still stream the eagles on UStream!  This year all 3 eggs have already hatched!

Then thanks to People I discovered Animal Planet has their own set of streaming videos.  Right now they're featuring a giraffe named Katie at the Dallas Zoo who's set to give birth at any time!  It says she is usually out roaming the zoo, but comes back around 5pmCT to eat!

So while I was clicking around, I also checked out their calf camera at a dairy farm in Maryland.  A watering hole camera in Africa (lots of hippos)- start in on The Lion King "What's so great about the watering hole?" -Nala and their kitten/puppy cameras.  I love them all and could probably watch them back and forth.

I think if teachers have internet access in classrooms, this would be a cool thing to show the students!  It's also awesome for stay at home moms - think of the learning experience!

Check it out guys!!  So stinkin' cute!

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