Apr 22, 2015

Growing up

I've been trying to see if Neverland has a summer camp where we can send Persephone so she'll stay small for a little while longer.

She looks so mature with a ponytail, I just love it

Monday evening she told me she needed to potty just before she got in the bathtub.  I went ahead and turned the water on thinking it might help her and she pooped!

Yesterday after we picked her up at school (Daycare) she wanted to wash her hands in the lobby bathroom.  After we washed her hands, said she needed to potty and SHE DID!  The toilet had an automatic flush though so it scared her and she jumped up.  In recovery mode I told her the toilet was a robot (I even called it Baymax from Big Hero 6) and then she was cool about it.

Later that night before bath again she said she needed to potty and she pee pee'd!  She's growing up way too fast :(

Lastly...I've always enjoyed feeding/watching birds.  Since moving in, I've placed a nice feeder in the tree outside our bedroom window so Flower (our boy cat) can enjoy the view.  This weekend we had a visitor multiple times.  Once I thought he was stuck, but he wasn't...he's just very strategic in his eating habits!

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