Apr 13, 2015

LIPS Atlanta

On April 8th I turned 30!  Whoo hoo.  It's actually not that bad.  I've never feared aging...sure it has it's downfalls...but what doesn't??  So does being a youngster!  This year my friends and I planned a trip to LIPS in Atlanta (the ultimate drag dining experience.)  It was everything I hoped for and more!!

I raided my closet and found a black dress I wore a few years ago during a cruise.  We had THE BEST time.  We all got dolled up, had a chauffeur (our friend Frank) and just really enjoyed ourselves.  The club was adorable, and clean.  Lots of pink and wild prints.  The bathroom was donned with chandeliers and mirrors.  I could probably live there.  None of us (except one) had ever been  to a drag show so we were all "virgins."

We met up at work and all hopped in the van (a kind coworker let us borrow his.)  I'm sure we were a sight to see!  It's just off Buford Hwy - right beside Pink Pony...no we didn't go there.

Jen and I in the bathroom

Amazing disco ball ceiling

Can you tell I was super excited?

Anywho...I don't know how we scored it, but our table was front and center stage.  It was PERFECT!  Our waitress was awesome, the food came out so quick - I went boring and ordered chicken fingers, but everyone else ordered chicken pasta, mushroom ravioli and an appetizer platter.  I was very impressed with the quality of food.

It was a $10 cover charge, then because we had reserved a table we were each to spend a minimum of $15 on food - wasn't hard to do.  All the entrees are priced at $14.95 or more.  I enjoyed a couple of butterscotch shots (cleverly called a blowj*b.) 

It was super duper deliciously sweet. 

We were seated at 9:30 and the show started at about 10:20pm.  There were many performers and all of them did fabulous!  

My favorites were our own waitress who performed to Beyonce's Drunk in Love 

and another gal who performed Katy Perry's Roar

Bubba D hosted the evening and he was THE BEST

I feel like I could sit and talk to Bubba D all day, every day.
A true comedian.

They gave me a birthday crown and a brownie dessert.  I was brought up on stage, along with others celebrating their birthdays and we got a photo!

This isn't the best angle of me..but check out that hottie to the right...meow


Me, Tabitha and Ashley

Our lovely waitress

Megan being crazy shoving the shotglass in her mouth...
Ok ok I did it too, but my pic wasn't as cute

This was our receipt at the end of the night....party of 7

Leaving the party!

So you may all have your opinions on drag queens and gays - keep them to yourself.
We thoroughly enjoyed the show and they are humans just like us.
I cannot wait to go back.

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