Apr 20, 2015

Fresh Start

I had my annual last week.  I’ve continued to use the same OBGYN who delivered Persephone.  He’s kind, always chats for a minute...listens to me babble and I never feel rushed.  I brought up my weight and how I’d like to get it under control.  But I feel like I need a push, a nudge to get me started.  He said there were a few FDA approved diet pills available, but two of them are ridiculously expensive even with insurance.  Qysmia (phentermine/topiramate), Belviq (lorcaserin hci) are the too expensive brand names.  Then he mentioned a newer one, Contrave (naltrexonehci/bupropion hci)  which is a little more affordable.   

He gave me a flyer, asked me to check with my PCP and make sure none of my current medications will interfere with Contrave and said I could give it a try.  What’s kind of interesting is the combo of the two ingredients of Contrave; bupropion hci is more commonly known as Wellbutrin…which is an anti-depressant.  Naltrexone is used to block receptors in the brain and curb cravings.  Naltrexone is marketed on its own to help with addictive disorders (smoking/drinking...etc.)

I’ve tried diets before.  I even went to a specific "weight loss" clinic where I weighed in weekly, visited the doctor monthly and was prescribed phentermine.  The only downfall to phentermine was the cotton mouth, headaches, elevated blood pressure and irritability.  But you're a controlled substance, a type of methamphetamine.  I totally felt like I could concur the world, but the process got way too expensive.  I tried ADVOCARE and failed miserably.  It’s my fault…I get excited in the beginning, but then get burnt out either by the ongoing costs or the plateau.  

Contrave’s ingredients would produce a pretty ugly “withdrawal” if I just stopped taking it.  So I’m using that scary scenario (along with older photos of myself) as motivation to stay on the program.  Contrave also offers a “Scale Down” program; once you’ve filled your first month’s prescription, the pharmaceutical company sends you a scale (free of charge).  You weigh in daily and it sends your results to the program wirelessly.  Then they’re able to send you encouraging tips/tricks via text message or email to keep you going.  They also offer a support group where you and other patients can lean on one another. 

Diet and exercise are strongly recommended…so I do plan on implementing something for myself as well.  I'm the one at fault for all the weight I've gained, so it's time to gain control of myself.

I'd like to think I'm pretty transparent on my blog and if you talk to me in real life then you know I can share too much information.  That being said, I plan to be completely and brutally honest with myself as well as the 2 readers I have.

Height: 5'3"
4/15/2015 weight: 218
4/15/2015 BMI: 39

I take my first Contrave tomorrow morning 4/21/15. 

Week 1 : 1 pill ea morning
Week 2:  1 pill ea morning and evening
Week 3:  2 pills ea morning, 1 pill ea evening
Week 4:  2 pills ea morning, 2 pills ea evening


  1. Let me know how you feel! I'm on the phentermine right now.....love the energy, but it doesn't curb much appetite & I'm holding steady at having lost only 6 lbs. Smh

    1. I lost 26lbs within 4 months on my longer stretch with phentermine. That was back in about 2005...but once I quit it all came back. You've got to train yourself not to eat as much which is my biggest issue. I don't eat all day long, but my portions at lunch and dinner need to be smaller.

  2. First off, creeper alert - I found your blog a long time ago after reading Journey of Parenthood... I've since figured out that we live semi-close (we're in Bethlehem). Anyways, I am one of your *three* readers. :)

    I, too, struggle with my weight. It all started when I was pregnant with my second child. I gained an enormous amount of weight and lost 75 pounds afterwards. She's five, and it's all come back now. I'm currently doing Weight Watchers, but it's a loooong process, so I understand where you're at.

    Just thought I'd say hello and let you know that you're not alone in this weight struggle. :) Hang in there - your health will not just benefit you, but your husband and daughter, too.

    1. Haha thanks Mandy! It's definitely a small world. Are you doing the weekly visits to weight watchers or just the online program?! Keep me posted on your progress!

  3. Yes, I go to the Athens location weekly. I realized that I needed the accountability. I lost my weight the first time with WW, and then I thought I knew it all, so I stopped going.... Apparently the only thing I knew was how to eat, lol... and I've since gained it all back. The meetings, which I lovingly call Fat Girls Anonymous, are necessary because I need someone there to see my weight when I get on the scale.