Sep 8, 2014

Some people are worth melting for...

Those are some great inspirational words from Olaf.

But I'm using them in reference to our first official, public, inside a store meltdown.

We went to Toys R Us Saturday to spend a $5.00 coupon Persephone got for her upcoming birthday.  We also needed a few other items.  She started off in the buggy, but skydived out of it when we went past the Thomas the Train isle.  Holy moly!  She had a fun time playing with her uncles trains the other weekend while we were at Mimi & Pops so she remembered them well.  It's sweet to watch her play reminds me of the fun times I had playing pretend.

We tried to deter her and get her to look at other toys - that was a JOKE.  She pitched a fit and even let out a loud high pitched squeal.  Finally we set her down in the Despicable Me isle and she returned to her happy self temporarily.  She was so sweet pushing all the buttons to get the dolls to sing/dance.  We wanted to get her the minion with the fire alarm on his head who says "Bee-do bee-do bee-do" because she loves to mimic him, but that stupid thing was $50.00.

Eventually we ended up back by the trains where she played some more with a little boy.  She pitched a fit some more when we tried to get her interested in some other toys.  Ultimately she grabbed a Minnie Mouse grocery cart off the shelf and started strutting her stuff throughout the store.  The cart barely came with anything (go figure).  I love DISNEY, but some things are just a rip off and this was one of them.  I would have rather spent $15.00 at Wal-Mart on the no-name shopping cart loaded with pretend goods.  But we weren't going to rip it out of her hands because she was going to scream bloody murder.

I ended up grabbing another small basket of food/boxed items to add to her collection.  She would not let us help her carry/push any of it.  She got mad and wailed every time I tried to assist her.  She even screamed when we wouldn't let her push the cart across the parking lot.  Mega super duper drama queen...and I have no idea where she gets that from.

Here we are being the best parents and breaking the rules by letting her play on the pirate ship bed.  I would TOTES love to have this even as an adult.  I mean obviously with an adult size bed.

Waiting to check out like a big girl...

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