Sep 4, 2014

Birmingham ZOO!

In all the years my mom has lived in Birmingham, AL we have never visited the zoo.  We have visited the Botanical Gardens and the McWane Science Center and even Dismals Canyon way up in W Alabama...but never this gem of a zoo.

Since we were visiting for a long weekend, I suggested we do something affordable, but outside of the box.  Despite the muggy, uncomfortably hot day, we traveled to the zoo a little before lunch on Sunday.

Our first stop was this super cute Auburn sign 
(don't worry, they had an elephant for those pesky Alabama fans)

Then we hopped on the carousel for a ride. 
 Persephone got the...Cheetah? Leopard...hell I don't know
and I chose the Ostrich, but as pic of me

Mimi had a rabbit - although from behind it looked like a Donkey?!  
Pops had a bear

Next up was the children's area of the zoo.  They had a cute barn with your normal farm animals you could pet (pigs, chickens, goats, pony) and some other animals you probably didn't want to touch haha.

Like this ferret 

Or corn snake

She was fascinated by the Rooster cock-a-doo-da-doodling

Piggies taking a much needed nap

I was surprised Persephone went in the pen with me to see the goats.  They were kind of minding their own business walking around.  She just stood around checking the place out.

Then we walked through Alabama Wild, had a butterfly exhibit - which I totes skipped because I don't like butterflies.  They had a pair of Bald Eagles, they were shot in 1980 and couldn't fly, so they've been at the zoo since.  They did say they're a successful breeding pair, so their children have gone on to be released into the wild. 

There was a cool zip line course in the trees throughout the Alabama Wild walk through.  We didn't pay to do it this time, but certainly at a cooler time of year I want to check it out!

On our way to the train we got to see some Flamingos (did you know they don't start turning pink until around 2yrs of age?!  They also get their color from their food.)

Have you ever seen an elephant from behind?  

What about some rhino's?

I wish I knew how old this guy was

My little giraffe

A beautiful giraffe

These vultures were unreal!  
They looked like something from a cartoon.

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