Sep 24, 2014

Hardy's Birthday

On September 15th Hardy turned 32!

I tried to think outside the box this year.  Normally he always gets concert tickets, a movie, video game or cd of some kind.  I saw Groupon advertise discounted tickets for the Bodies Exhibit and Extreme Dinosaurs and jumped on the bandwagon.  We actually went on Saturday September 13th. We got to Atlantic Station right around 11am or so.  Neither of us had been there, but it's such a nice little spot of town.  Very clean and well kept. 

We did the Bodies Exhibit first...very odd and strange.  I mean totally kewl from a science standpoint, but you had to get past the fact that you were essentially looking at dead people.  You couldn't do photos or videos throughout the exhibit and I don't think I would have taken any anyway.

Hardy chose to skip the babies, but I walked through.  It was very interesting to see what an embryo looks like at 4/5/6/7/8/9/11/14/17 weeks.  At 4 weeks, the baby is not even the size of a lemon's super duper itty bitty.

After that we walked through Extreme Dinosaurs.  It was kind of blah to us, but to a kid (especially one who loves dinosaurs) they would have been in heaven.  They had full scale replica's and some fossils of certain species.

Sunday evening we joined his parents, sister and niece/newphew for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (delicious as usual.)

Miss Priss strutting her stuff

The King and Princess

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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