Aug 28, 2012

Spelling Bee

It's that time of year again!

Tuesday September 11th is the 8th Annual Lumpkin County Literacy Coalition Spelling Bee.

As long as I don't have Persephone early, this will be my 4th year participating!  I'm on Rot N. Rusty's team (the haunted house I've volunteered for since 2008), but the proceeds from the Spelling Bee go to the Lumpkin County Literacy Coalition - so it's an AWESOME cause.

In 2009 and 2011 we won the "Take the Cake" award, which means our team/skit was voted favorite by the audience.  Maybe we will be lucky again this year cause lord knows we can't spell :)

Each year every team has to come up with a unique name containting the word BEE and we are given just under 2mins to perform a skit to the judges and audience.  Since our team represents the haunted house, we've always tried to go with a theme that suits just that.

2009 - The OBEEtuaries
(these pictures were taken with a haven't cell phone cameras improved)

I played Betty Sue Blake...hit the gas instead of the brake.

2010 - Zom-BEE-Gone
(an aerosol product to help rid you of your ZOMBIE's)
Obviously...I played the zombie

2011 - ZomBEE's
Guess what character I played...

I can't wait for this year!  Even if we don't win anything, it's a lot of fun to entertain the crowd :)

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