Aug 4, 2012

Maternity pics

This morning some very special friends of mine came over to "doll" me up and take some maternity photos.  I know some people wait until they're further along and some people don't take pictures at all.  I didn't want to pay for them if we could do them on our own - so we did. 

I was a little disappointed to wake up this morning and find it REALLY overcast and kind of foggy, but we tackled it anyway.  We went to downtown Flowery Branch (which is a hop, skip and jump away) to take them.

I especially want to think Tabitha for my hair and make up, as well as taking the photos and Ashley (her sister) for the photo ideas - she was a HUGE help with the props :)  I've been scrolling through them all day and stop every now and then when I think there's one worth editing.  I've already shared them on Facebook and Instagram, so sorry if you're seeing them for the 2nd or 3rd time!

My favorite part of this photo is that those items hanging from the rope were mine as a baby.
A rattle, socks, shoe and a hairbow.

Me and Persephone's Mickey (thanks Rachael!)

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