Aug 28, 2012

Battle of the BP

As I stated in my 34 week check up, my blood pressure was pretty elevated. I knew it was just from my nerves of having an ultrasound -always hope for the best, but expect the worst. Pre pregnancy my blood pressure never got over 140/90 when checked at doctors visits - and that is high, no joke. But Friday, it was 170/90 - WHAT THE HECK?! Usually when my BP is up, I have really hot & rosy cheeks and a headache for sure, but Friday I didn't have fact, I couldn't even tell my BP was high. I thought the machine was lying or the nurse was blind.

After the ultrasound and seeing the doctor, they re-checked it and it was still in the same range, so he asked me to come back on Monday (yesterday) to re-check it.

I have a portable BP machine here at work, so before my appointment yesterday I took it while sitting at my desk and it was 137/83. I thought for sure this would be a good day and that Friday was a fluke. So I make my way to the doctors office, check in and wait to be called. I was keeping calm and playing solitaire on my phone to keep my mind off things. The nurse calls me back, checks my BP and it's 140/98, she puts me in a room, doc listens to baby and her heartbeat is fine. He tells me they want to check my BP again and if it's still high he'll send me to the hospital for monitoring (Ok Doc, great idea...scare me before you want to take my BP again)...also tells me to give a urine sample.

ALL THE WHILE, I keep telling the nurse and the doctor that my BP was normal when I left work and I know it's just anxiety that causes it to spike when I'm getting it checked. The urine sample showed no protein (which was good, because apparently protein in the urine + high BP can signal preeclampsia), the nurse takes my BP and it was 142/92. Now even though the top # went up, the bottom # came down and he seemed satisfied enough not to send me to the hospital ::whew::. I explained I know these days you can't always take someone's word, but that I did have a portable machine and would be happy to check it several times a day to keep record of it. He told me to let them know if it goes above 140/90 at any time and he'll see me back next Tuesday.

I know it's nerves from going to the doctor. Because of the past signs/symptoms I've experienced with BP, I have no other explanation. Plus one would think with a reading of 170/90, wouldn't I be PANTING for crying out loud?? lol

Anyway, I'm taking it easy, and checking my BP regularly and it's NORMAL every time.

How about them cookies?


  1. Liz and I both had this!! Be really careful girl. I usually felt fine but it was still high! Keep your feet up and DON'T DO ANYTHING. I'm serious.

  2. I am with Rachael, it can be VERY dangerous! Good thing you're almost at the end!! YAY :)

  3. I had this with both of mine. It definitely isn't fun. To this day I still get extremely nervouse getting my bp taken. The machines do not read me correctly so I always make them use the manual ones (my dr gave me some long medical reason why they don't work, but I don't remember). I know it is hard to relax when people are telling you to relax. I always try to take a few deep breaths and think happy thoughts. Like Rachael said, RELAX!!!

  4. Whew glad no hospital visit!!!