Oct 3, 2011

Mini update

Pre-sale tickets for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 are now on sale, I am so excited.  So far, the trailers I've seen appear that they're doing the book as much justice possible.  I can only hope that remains true for the rest of the film.
In just two months, Hardy & I will be on-board the Disney Dream.  I have no idea what to expect, except greatness.  I've never been disappointed with anything at Walt Disney World and I can only imagine they provide the same excellent service/features on their cruise ships.
The haunted house opened this weekend, we had almost 300 customers come through in total, that's unbelievable for our first weekend. Generally we are slow and the numbers pick up the further into the season we go.  We even had 3 people wet their pants and one little boy passed out.  I'm happy we've had so much success already and can only hope the numbers continue to grow.  I am exhausted of course, but alive and that's what matters most :)

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