Oct 16, 2011

Gold Rush 2011

Well I'm alive, hard to believe considering how long of a day yesterday was!  We got to the haunted house a little after 1pm and didn't leave until 12am this morning - ohhh yea.  We got our float ready and all of us walked from the haunted house ALLLLLLLLL the way to the tail end of the parade line up.  I for sure thought my feet were going to fall off or that my shins would be splitting open at any second, but they didn't.  I survived and tried not to complain too much.

This year our theme was a jazz/New Orleans funeral march and we honored Fluffy.  It was a lot of fun, even though I sat in the middle of the hearse and didn't march.  We had the usual "walking dead" and then jazz musicians who pretended to play the funeral tunes we had blasting. 

The songs played during our march were old gospel hymns.  I'm sure the few people who were calling us satanists didn't even realize that.  It's a shame when people aren't open minded.  No one at the haunted house is satanic and what we do isn't satanic.  It's all for fun and entertainment and our proceeds go to charity every.single.year.  While we aren't represented by a church, it doesn't mean we're evil people.

Back to topic....the parade was a success even though we had a small music malfunction right as we got into the heart of the square of Dahlonega.  Our soldiers kept marching onward though clapping and dancing as we marched without a beat (eventually we did get the music back).

The whole point of the theme we chose was to honor our friend Lance who passed away in August.  We had a float with a giant photo of him on it and most probably weren't aware, but we also carried his ashes in a small coffin on the float.  He would be tickled pink to know he got to walk the parade one last time.

I'm letting my limbs re-coop today before another work week...whew.  Who knew at 26 you could be so tired?? 

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