Mar 23, 2015

We bought a mower

Having only lived in a townhouse, we had the luxury of not much outside maintenance.  Lawn care was included in our HOA dues.  We've been in our new house a month and even though it's bermuda and it's dormant it was still left pretty tall by the previous owners. 

We bit the bullet this weekend and bought a Craftsman push mower....and I was the one who mowed!!  I actually enjoyed it.  I think in high school I mowed our lawn in Lawrenceville one time so I could go see Hardy.  I don't remember hating it.  So when we got home, I offered to mow the lawn!

No joke, the grass although dormant is probably 4" tall.  So I cut about 1" off this weekend and I'll do it again, maybe more this coming weekend.  We were really considering hiring someone to mow it for us, but when you think about paying someone $50-$75/week or even biweekly it's A LOT more expensive than just buying the mower yourself.

This is what we got from ACE Hardware
Craftsman 140cc

It still looks tall, but it looks a little more manicured than it had.  Here's to many more warm evenings of cutting the grass...

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