Mar 3, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Goodbye Flowery Branch....Hello Braselton!

The sellers of the house we bought in Braselton had actually moved out about 2 weeks prior to closing and were kind enough to let us occupy the home 2 days prior to closing since all of the paperwork was good to go.  Wednesday Feb 18th we started moving stuff in after work.  With the help from Hardy’s parents and my brother and sister in law we were able to get all of the beds and major furniture moved in one night.  We actually spent our first night there too!  

With the move we decided to transition Persephone into a “big girl bed.”  Hardy’s Dad put together one of the spare full size beds we had.  I had to lay with her while she fell asleep and she slept alone until about 3am but then I joined her because she was crying.  The next day we both had to work so it was after 5pm that we were able to pack/move again.  I went ahead and took Persephone to the new house and left Hardy and his parents at the old house.  I hated not helping (honestly), but we didn’t want to confuse P by going back and forth.  Hardy called in the help of one of his friends/coworkers and they truly busted ass to get the truck loaded.  It took them less than 30min to unload the truck into the garage…I was fascinated!

We both took off Friday originally when we signed the sales agreement in January.  And I’m so glad we did.  There were a few things we still needed to clear out of the house (trash and Goodwill donations.)  Hardy’s Dad helped us take a few loads off.  I scheduled to have the carpets cleaned that morning at 10:30am and I had to be there to let them in.  I would just like to say this was one of the most expensive “fixes” we had to do in preparation of the sale of our home but the carpets looked AMAZING afterward.  Seriously they looked brand new…no stains anywhere and you could barely even tell furniture had been in certain areas.  We used Susan Simmons 770-868-7284 and would definitely call on her again.  Luckily with our new house we don’t have as much carpet…but it was worth it.

We finished up at the old place around 1:30pm on Friday.  Closing was at 3:30pm for Flowery Branch and 4:45pm for Braselton.  I would say of the entire process closing was the least stressful.  You don’t have to sign as much paperwork when you’re selling as you do when you’re buying, but we had to do both anyway.  Maybe I’m weird, but I always liked signing my name…I mean what girl didn’t try and perfect her signature a million times in high school?

***I want to brag on our realtor really quick - Mary Ferguson.  She did AMAZING!  She knew how strict we were with our budget.  She knew there wasn't much of a profit margin on our sale so we needed as close to asking as possible.  She was patient with all my text messages, questions and complaints!  More than that, she felt like a friend.  Someone I could talk to even if I weren't trying to buy/sell.  If we ever found ourselves in a position to move again (hopefully not soon) we will most certainly use her.  She even left this sweet gift for us....

The only hiccup in the entire moving process is getting some dang internet.  We were originally scheduled for an installation on Tuesday 2/24 with Comcast, but I cxled it because neither of us could really take off again so quickly.  They were supposed to come out that Saturday, 2/28 but at 2:30 called to say they didn’t have any home security technicians in our area and would have to reschedule.  I told them forget the home security and just give us some internet.  So he told me someone would be out by 8pm.  5 o’clock rolls around and they call back to tell us the technician is stuck at his previous appointment and no one will be out today period.  I got so mad and told them to forget it all.   

Nearly 2 weeks in and still no internet (they're scheduled to come out Wednesday 3/4 now...we shall see.)  I dread what our cell phone bill might look like.  We’re trying to use it sparingly of course, but it’s hard.  With my Mom and Phillips help we hung up some photos/decor to make it feel more like home.  

Here's what our living room looks like

Sorry no fancy house tour like my friend Emily hahaha.  We still have some sorting and organizing to do, but for now the kitchen, living room, dining and Persephone's room are all good.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE having the ranch.  Everything is so much more convenient.  We can let Persephone roam freely without worrying about her going up/down stairs.  We can have two or three different tasks going on and still function near one another.  I'm so excited and thankful!  We've even already had a neighbor bring us some "welcome" cupcakes!


  1. I love it! It's so cute - perfect for y'all! Our first house was a ranch and the one we are in now is 1.5 stories but I hardly ever go upstairs. I'm not sure I ever want a 2 story!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! When we first bought the townhouse stairs didn't bother us. I don't know why, but as a kid I loved stairs. Reality is they just aren't functional for us hahaha! Especially worrying about whether or not Persephone was going to take a fall. Now we can mostly let her roam free haha.

  2. I LOVE the new house! It is beautiful! I drive by your neighborhood everyday!