Mar 12, 2015

Break up song

Most mornings on our way to work we listen to 99.7 (Q100).  We love The Bert Show!  This morning they were listing off their break up song lists.

Kristin named off Someone Like You by Adele.  Bert mentioned Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O'Conner.  Both songs I LOVE.  Then Hardy asked me what was my breakup song.  I laughed and rolled my eyes because umm...he's the only boyfriend I've ever had.  Although we did break up twice...still.

The first time we broke up, I dumped him to go on a date with a guy from high school, then we got back together.  I didn't have a breakup song for that.  But later that year he dumped me VIA AIM (aol instant messenger) - total loser move.  And we were broken up about 6mos.

I had a few songs..

Seeding Red by Unwritten Law

Ex-Girlfriend by No Doubt

I also of course listened to "our songs" at my lowest points.  Which were an interesting combination of Marilyn Manson, Guns N Roses and Randy Travis hahaha..

Last Day on Earth (acoustic) by Marilyn Manson

Don't Cry (alternative version) by Guns N Roses

Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis

For some reason the video for Randy Travis wasn't "sharable"'s a direct link to this old time favorite

What were YOUR break up songs? 

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