Mar 31, 2015

Birmingham Zoo

Labor Day 2014 we visited the Birmingham Zoo for the first time since my mom and Trevor moved there in 2006.  It's affordable and clean and the animals look happy. The food isn't terrible either.

This time Mimi (my mom) bought some nectar and we walked through the Lorikeet exhibit...the birds kind of freaked me out.  If I reached out to grab one, that's my doing, but with them flapping and flying all around it was a little intense.  They loved Mimi of course because she had the goods.

Persephone tried to pet one and it nipped her so she was done after that haha.  They were very pretty though, I loved their coloring.

From there we went to see the sea lions.
It took forever, but I got a photo of one coming out of the water
with Persephone nearby and you can see she wasn't even looking...

I can't remember what birds these were..but they had very bumpy bills

I don't think I've ever seen a Kookaburra, but we did this time!

I can't remember what she and Pops were checking out...

I don't know why, but I just love this photo of her

I made sure my mom took this picture on my good side

Flamingos are pretty, but they STINK
On one of my many trips to Animal Kingdom I remember them 
telling us that Flamingos get their color from their diet!

This 34yr old elephants name is Bulwagi.
He broke his right tusk as an infant and like adult teeth, it will never grow back.
They actually got him from Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Persephone LOVED the carousel.  
We bought three tickets thinking Hardy and I would both need one, turns out we didn't.  As long as you stand up the child can use the ticket.  So we let her have three rides.  
She was a total trip...acting like Miss USA or something 
with her charming smile and wave.

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