Aug 25, 2014

What I'm Missing Monday

The freaking haunted house - that's what I'm missing!

It was meant to be...stumbling upon this Dahlonega gem (no pun intended)

I saw an ad in the Gainesville Times in 2008 for a haunted house that would be open in Gainesville.  I've always LOVED Halloween and haunted houses thanks to my parents.  I talked to the Gainesville people by telephone, but it never went anywhere past that.  I started talking about it to my co-workers and my good friend Tabitha mentioned she had a class at Gainesville College with a girl who was affiliated with a haunted house in Dahlonega.  I reached out to said girl via MySpace (yes you read this right hahaha) and that's where my career began.

I started from the bottom, but worked my way up.  I met some fantastic people who I'm lucky to still call my friends.  We had a lot of laughs and a lot of stressful hair pulling moments.  I've seen volunteers come and go, volunteers rise up and become better than they thought they ever could be.  I saw romances take place, romances break away.  Got to experience both sides of the haunted house fence (Scaring and caring.)  We were an odd group collectively.  We each had our quirks, but that's what made Rot N. Rusty's what it was.

In 2012 I was unable to participate in person since I had just had Persephone.  In 2013 we weren't open at all, and again this year we sadly won't be open.  I totally understand the logisitics of it all - I know that it's a huge burden to get it started and keep up for 5-6 weeks, then take it all down again.  But god I miss it.

I'm hoping one day we can re-open and be bigger and better than ever before.

Last year, I volunteered at Netherworld for just ONE night and I remembered WHY I love it so much.  Seeing the reaction people have when you're scare the crap out of them is unlike any other experience.  It's so satisfying to know you've played your part right.

In the meantime, I am left with watching horror movies and tv shows and one day HOPING I can hang out with the Rot N. Rusty's crew again.....

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