Aug 11, 2014

Saying Goodbye

This coming Saturday - August 16th 
We will say goodbye to Hardy's all-time favorite band EVER

Mötley Crüe

 If it weren't for the Crüe we would have never met.
We actually met at a Methods of Mayhem concert, 
but that was fronted by Tommy Lee (who is MC's drummer).

So I have to legit thank the entire band for ever forming, right?

I've posted about this before - not the goodbye, but seeing them in concert.

We've seen MC close to 10 times together.
The most memorable was Feb 2005 when we paid $400/piece
to do a meet/greet and guaranteed front row seats.

It was an EPIC - ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience

This will always be the best concert, simply because we met them first and then saw them on we felt like this awkward connection?!?  hahaha

They announced earlier this year, that they were officially ending Mötley Crüe.  Since they're together, getting along, they want to end on a high note.  To end it honorably.  Basically they signed a legal contract that they wouldn't ever perform again as a band.  They can still continue on in other bands and/or solo careers, but unless they all agree to perform again together, they won't.

The opening act is Alice Cooper - which I am super excited to see.  He's one of the few oldies but goodies on my concert bucket list!

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