Sep 26, 2012

Sleep?! What sleep..

Ok I take back ever complaining of sleep being an issue while pregnant. Now that Persephone is here...I had no idea what exhaustion was before hand.

We were released from the hospital yesterday thank goodness. After almost 24hrs under the blue light her bili level went from 20 to 12.6 and they felt good enough to let us go. We have a follow up appointment today with pediatrician. Basically jaundice is caused when a baby isn't eating/peeing/pooping enough. In order to rid their body of bilirubin they need to do these three things. Luckily it alllll picked up while we were at the hospital. Like 4 blow out diapers and she had consistent pee every 2hrs.

I used one of their Medela Symphony pumps to give her my milk. We are still having latching issues so for now I'm giving her breast milk via bottle which I'm totally ok with. I know she's getting all the good stuff from my milk and now Hardy's able to feed her too.

To this day, my biggest "complaint" if I should even word it that way is that I'm not sleeping every time she sleeps. At night I totally do, but during the day it's been hard to convince myself....then I end up really tired a ill :(

So far she's been waking up between 1.5-2hrs to eat and has been eating consistently 1-1.5oz at each feeding.

I'm not sure how women do this with multiple kids! For me the one is a workout on its own, but I sure do live her!


  1. It is a HUGE adjustment for sure. I'm TELLING YOU- you will not remember this in 6 months. It is all worth it. You just have to survive these first few weeks, and around 6 weeks your hormones will be leveled out, you will start feeling like yourself again, she will be sleeping longer.... How is your blood pressure? I KNOW some people will TOTALLY disagree with me on this, but when you feel ready, but try to make it early on, have someone come over for an hour and you and Hardy go out on a date. You NEED that time to help you feel normal again and connect with him. Macy started sleeping at her grandparents house at 2 weeks old (!) and they took her for one night a weekend until she was like...... 2. Haha. It just worked for Greg and I because we could have time for us as a couple and Greg's parents LOVED the time they got with her. I am just going on and on... hahaha

  2. I know it's hard to make yourself but you MUST SLEEP. I didn't either. I kept pushing myself and thinking I was fine but then it ALL HIT ME. I was an emotional wreck and had a total breakdown (with Kye). With Britt I KNEW I needed my rest. SO I did. I slept when she slept as much as possible. MADE myself take long baths. It helps you heal. YOU have been through A LOT. YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!! DO IT ;) The end!!!!