Sep 24, 2012

Hospital stay

This post is random points of our stay in the hospital...

I've heard mixed reviews on Northeast Georgia Medical Center, but I'll have to say I had a pleasant stay.  All of my nurses were kind and informative and were always asking if I needed anything.  The food was also pretty darn good.  I could get used to being catered to :)

Since I had her at 3:52am, I got into my actual room around 6:45am (just in time for breakfast, oh yea).  I napped for maybe an entire 45mins...woopity doo.  I have attempted breastfeeding every day and some days are better than others.  But it has NOT been easy.  I can without a doubt see why so many women throw in the towel after a day or two (if that).  Between trying to keep her awake so she would latch on again....or her just not being totally into it, then me getting frustrated and it just not working.

I've given up on breastfeeding, but my pumping is going so well, I'm happy to know I can still give her the goods even if it's via bottle instead of boob.

She was born at 7lbs 3oz, by Saturday morning she was 6lbs 15oz.  She started off pooping awesome, but on Saturday it had slowed down.  Sunday morning she was 6lbs 10oz and her bilirubin level was high, so they sent us home with a bilibelt/blanket.  Which was a PAIN IN THE BUTT.  It was a relatively hard (yet flexible) piece of plastic that tapes around her waist and it has to be warn at all times except to feed or change diaper.  Needless to say it was a rough night.

This morning at 10:30am she had a doctors appointment to follow up with her bili level and it was a 20.  The pediatrician was concerned since she's still dropping weight and the number continues to increase, it was obvious she needs to be treated by the hospital.  Sooooo we headed back to the hospital this morning around 11:30 and got her in a room and put under the blue light and she's been under it ever since.  The  nurse was kind enough to bring me a pump, so I've been feeding her straight up boob juice since 12pm and I feel like I accomplished something finally :)

I'm hoping we'll be able to go home tomorrow sometime and that this jaundice thing can be in our past.  I just want to cuddle with her sweet face and while she's under the light, obviously we can't do that...


  1. Breastfeeding helps with the jaundice! Remember that...And also, don't strickly do pump because your supply will drop or if your milk hasn't come in, the nurse told me it may not. Something about her suckling that makes you produce milk, not just pumping! Try to do at least 50/50 in the beginning if anything....And don't worry about the weight loss!! Breastfed babies are smaller than formula fed, and all statistics are based on formula fed children now!! I wish I had found a doctor for Brendan who suppored breastfeeding before I added formula to his diet. :( Not that formula is bad!!! I just hate it lol

  2. SO proud of you for giving her that breastmilk!!! def keep trying to get her to latch on (once you can of course) it will take time. I cried and cried b/c i couldn't get it right. I had to have Zach help me for over the first week every time I fed to make sure I had Kye latched on correctly. It's NOT easy and it does NOT come naturally but it is SO worth it and will only get easier and better with time!!

    HATE that you have to be back at the hospital :( Praying for yall!!!!!!