Sep 11, 2012

Hello hospital!

In honor of keeping it real on the blog here's how my day ended...

I had a doctors appt at 3:45, felt perfectly fine. When the nurse checked my BP though it was 160/100!! I looked at her and said "Wouldn't I be laid out on the floor right now if that were true!?". And she agreed it was a nervous reading. Anyway we proceeded to the exam room and the doc listened to her heart beat and measured my belly (142bpm and measuring 38cm).

He said he wanted to send me to the hospital for monitoring just to make sure all is well with baby. So then I started freaking out of course!

I called Hardy to let him know where I was headed and that I would keep him posted. I headed to L&D and checked in. It was apparent they were having an insane day, but my nurse was so so sweet and made me feel comfortable.

I was put in a room and they hooked a monitor up for Persephone's heartbeat and another for contractions. They also hooked up the BP cuff. They took a urine sample and drew blood and we waited....

I also had a clicker to push every time I felt her move. One thing that kept me laughing in all of this is when she moved hard enough you could hear it on the heart monitor, as a result I would laugh and the monitor would get really loud.

I was surprised to see the contractions on screen. I knew I had been feeling them, but it was like I was more in tune with my body because I was at the hospital watching them. I took it as a lesson though, at least I'm
100% positive of what they feel like!

My BP improved the longer I sat there, in fact at one time it was 112/68. Her heartbeat was perfect and her movements were great too. Blood work was all normal and there wasn't any protein in my urine (if there was it could point to preeclampsia) they sent me home.

The interesting thing is, I swear I've felt more practice contractions today especially since the hospital visit than any other day before now. Luckily I have an app that I can keep track of them with. Doctor did suggest I cut back on work, he didn't "order" bed rest, but just said it might be I need to find out if Aflac pays on preterm labor...if they do, maybe I should take off sooner than planned.



  1. I hate you had to go through that. I'm the exact same with my BP. I get scared to death even looking at the BP cuff and mine always jumps up. Take it easy these next few weeks. The end is near!

  2. Ekkk! I hate that you had to go to the hospital, I had to do that too and they didn't induce me I was FURIOUS! That hospital visit cost me MORE than the delivery :( :(