Jun 22, 2016


I’ve lost my marbles y’all.  A co-worker had 5 kittens mature enough to leave their mama and I said “I WANT ONE”.  

Initially I requested a boy, I just assume they’re sweeter than girls…at least as far as cats are concerned.  All of the kittens were some variation of gray and white.  So when I found out there was possibly a boy who was gray with white paws – I said mine, mine, mine.  I already decided I would name him Thumper, which is Flower’s friend in Bambi (both male).

On Friday I got the sweet fur ball.  I left work a little early and ran to the vet.  Our new baby weighed 1lb and they confirmed she was approx. 7 weeks old.  A little underweight for her age, but nothing to worry about.  They said generally 1lb 3oz is normal – wow…3oz in a kitten must mean a lot.
Turns out IT’S A GIRL!  So after we all got home, we changed her name to Elsa…err Persephone changed her name.  I was sitting on Lady or Alice, but Elsa works.  I guess it’s appropriate to have the name of a Queen, as technically Persephone is Queen of the Underworld in Greek mythology.

They tested her for feline leukemia and hiv – she was clean!  We also gave her a dose of Revolution which not only treats fleas and eggs – it also protects against heartworms, ear mites, roundworms and hookworms.  She did have some fleas on her so I wanted to get those handled before we brought her home.  She also received her first distemper booster – which is funny.  A lot of people think cats are assholes, they aren’t…but they’re so independent it makes them seem that way.  So I’ve heard people say before that the shot didn’t work on Tinker Bell because she was always so sassy – well it’s a vaccine for a viral disease not literally for their temper hahaha.

We go back July 9th for a re-check and her next booster shot.

Anyway – she warmed right up to Persephone, Hardy and I….Flower not so much.  I forgot how funny kittens can be to watch.  She’s entertainment without the boring commercials.  Flower and Elsa are slowly getting closer each day, he still hisses and growls but he’s not out for the kill.  I have hope things will be smooth in another week or so!

So…without further ado, please meet Elsa

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