May 11, 2016

Hello from the other side

I fell out of blogging, just haven't been feeling the need to write.  #sorrynotsorry

What's new?

I got my daith pierced on both sides back in March.  I'd been reading online that there were some results of migraine relief when having gotten the daith pierced.  Apparently that area of the ear is used in acupuncture to soothe head pain.  Well I've had a couple of migraines since I can't say it's worked for me.  But I refuse to take these out because I paid for them.  Mine were pierced using an eyebrow barbell to allow for swelling/healing, not the captive ball as shown below.

I got Persephone signed up with a children's modeling/acting agency (thanks to a friends recommendation).  She's been on two auditions so far, and she's actually booked as a "back up" for a shoot next week!  Back up's are commonly used for child acting/modeling in case the first pick doesn't work out.  It doesn't cost us anything, but time and gas to take her to the auditions.  I'm lucky enough my mom doesn't work, so she's been the chauffeur since this all began.

She's doing great in school, I think, haha. At least if she weren't, I'm sure I would hear about it.  Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately she'll be in class with the 3/4yr olds another year because of her birthday.  She won't be 5 until after the cut off, so she'll be 6yrs old by the time she starts kindergarten.

We're battling impetigo...A G A I N.  This time I think we caught it early enough though.  Last year as you may recall, it was under her right arm and on her chest some.  I didn't notice it until they were already blistering/popping.  This time I caught a small bump on her cheek, tried to use neosporin on it one night and nothing changed.  We went to CVS Minute Clinic Saturday morning and confirmed it was impetigo.  She prescribed bactroban gel and cephalexin (oral antibiotic) to help nip it in the bud.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it works.

We miss Disney World terribly and can't wait to go back, I don't know when that'll be.  We are setting sail on a cruise at the beginning of June with Hardy's family.  This will be our first time on MSC Cruise Line.  But I'm looking forward to the vacation.  Unlike Disney, you can actually just BE STILL on a cruise haha.

We've officially lived in our home for a year (in February) and still love it very much.  Persephone is best pals with our neighbors son.  Every day we come home she's asking if he's home.  Hopefully we can get a fence installed in the next few months or so that way they can both play and be corralled at the same time.

I turned 31 on April 8th - feels the same as 30 actually so no harm.

Hardy and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last weekend.  We ate dinner at Pappadeux's and saw Captain America: Civil War...but I feel like it could have been called The Avengers: Civil War because everyone pretty much shared the same amount of screen time as Captain America.

We are participating in The Color Run: Birmingham the weekend of Memorial Day at my moms and I'm looking forward to it!

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