Feb 22, 2016

Threenager Transition

While Persephone still takes naps at daycare, she's dropped her nap on the weekends.  This used to be my favorite time...I love naps and I got to cuddle with her.  I guess they're a thing of the past.

Now that she's no longer napping on the weekends, she's turning into a real "Threenager".  Full on, cranky, whiny, testing-the-limits girl.  Hardy got on to Persephone and myself twice this weekend for fussing back and forth.  At one point he sent us both to our rooms, respectively.  Then Persephone started crying for me (because Daddy was being the "mean" one) and he had to remind her to be quiet when in time out.  I thought I was being well behaved, then he came and snatched my phone.....

I think it's like bickering back and forth with your BFF.  I'm right, she's wrong, yet she's defiant and then I'm angry which continues the vicious cycle.

I remember posting on Facebook over a year ago about Persephone and the terrible two's and I had so many responses from people saying "Just wait until she's three" or "Three is much worse".  Haha, you guys were right...

Still I love her to pieces and we are probably to blame for most of her snobby-ness.  She definitely has her sweet moments that make us LOL, tear up and even pout sympathetically.  We sure do love you silly girl!

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