Feb 11, 2016

Disney Movie Club!

Do you love Disney movies like I do?  
Are you a member of the DMC?  

Well...what are you waiting for?  Hardy and I joined in 2007 and have never looked back!  To become VIP status you just have to purchase 4 full price movies within a 2yr period.  After that you can cancel if you like.

But the discounts are pretty awesome.  Usually right now we can buy 1 movie at regular price and get any other movies within the same order for 60% off!

The club offers movies you don't generally find in stores anymore.  Plus you get first offers on pre-orders for new releases!  Once a month they send you an offer via mail and email for a "featured title".  You can decline the offer if you choose to, no obligation.  And if you receive a move you don't want or forgot to decline, you can return it!

They sell both DVD and Blu-ray options.  Check it out!

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