Nov 4, 2015


Recently my friend Tabitha sent me an invite to join, so I did.  But if she asked me to jump off a bridge, I probably wouldn't be as quick to do so :)  I was able to choose a $10.00 gift card "reward" for signing up which would be sent to me after my first purchase.

Basically you do all the same online shopping you would any other day, but you go through the links on the Ebates site to do so.  They track your "shopping trips" so that if/when you do make a purchase, they're able to credit you cash back.  Certain stores off better incentives and sometimes double cash back.

For example, Amazon might offer 3% cash back, but it's only on certain departments.  Whereas Carter's could offer 2.5% cash back on all orders, period and may offer 6% cash back.  They're connected with a TON, and I mean a TON of online stores.  If you're a frequent online shopper, I would also suggest getting the Ebates "toolbar button" so that any time you visit a website, it will let you know if it's an Ebates affiliate and you can tell it to activate your cash back!  Another nice tool is that it'll notify you if there are coupons available at checkout and it'll attempt to apply them for you.  No more pulling up another window to search for coupon/discount codes!

I've only been a member for a month and already have $30.00 in cash back!  I'm getting paid to shop people. Ebates will send you a check and/or credit it to your PayPal account if you'd rather go that route.  Get to Christmas shopping now!  Make money while spending money,'s that simple.  Of course you get credits if you get referrals, but the referrals have to make a purchase before you receive anything.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up for Ebates now! 


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