Nov 6, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Last year, at work we did a group costume.  I was Snow White and 7 of my co-workers were the "7 Dwarfs".  It was hilarious and a lot of fun!  This year we tried to think of something to top 2014, but just couldn't.  We discussed being decades or m&m's and decades had the majority.

I was trying to be 90's goth, but I think I ended up looking more 80's oh well!

I used some hoop earrings I used to wear for my "piercings"

I also didn't have any black lipstick and refused to pay $5 for a tube, so I just used my eyeliner pencil... I kind of liked the snake bite piercing

Here I am with my decade buddy - Ashley..we're totes angry at the world

I thought it would be "cool" to pretend I smoked...then I got talked into actually sticking that nasty thing in my mouth.  It was pretty funny, but seriously that tasted nasty.

I was having such a hard time, at least Ashley stayed in character

And one with my BFFLADYFI Tabitha - she was my favorite

On Halloween, I sent her to school with a little kitty kat makeup, her Minnie Halloween shirt and some kitty leggings.  I wish I could do make-up better...even on myself.

On Halloween, we hosted our friends Shannon & Teddy (and Shannon's parents) as well as their little girl, Olivia again this year.  She and Persephone had a great time playing before and after trick or treat together.  We pulled them around in a wagon (super convenient haha).  Hardy's Mom and Dad stopped by to see Persephone and give her a goody bag!  She loved showing off her costume for them.  Shannon's parents brought over a yummy pot of chili and we ate dinner.  We got the girls in their costumes, the men set up outside to pass out candy and Shannon, her mother and I took the girls trick-or-treating.

Olivia was so helpful, she insisted on pulling Persephone most of the time!  Eventually Persephone got lazy and stopped getting in/out of the wagon.  Olivia started asking people at the door to give her extra candy for the tired baby hahaha.

This was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood and there were a TON of kids.  In fact, the men ran out of candy before hitting the 2hr mark.  We had to turn the lights off and go inside but some kids still knocked and rang the doorbell.

Persephone had what I call candy ADD, she wanted to try everything because she didn't like anything she tried.  She went from Nerds to Twizzlers to a DumDum and Skittles.  I look forward to Halloween at The Jones' again next year :)

Introducing Persephone *aka* Princess Rapunzel & Olivia the Pirate

These two gals, such hams

This is a cinnamon broom, but it can serve as a witches broom at Halloween

I love this photo...


The best Halloween accessory - E V E R

I'm so proud she wasn't afraid of T-Rex :)
But she did notice he wore tennis shoes....

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