Nov 9, 2015

Sleeping habits

Before we moved into the new house earlier this year, Persephone was still in her crib.  But she had gotten to the point of screaming and crying and jumping in the crib when we laid her down for bed.  As most first children, she got her way.  We started trading off nights and one of us would lay in the floor holding her hand until she fell asleep.  It might have taken 30min to be sure she was out, but then we still had a couple of hours to ourselves before WE went to bed.

Our first night in the new house, we went ahead and set up a full size bed in her room.  Since it was two big changes, I fell asleep in the bed with her and eventually woke up and got in my own bed.  Eight months in, and we're still trading off, only now one of us lays in her bed until she dozes off and then retreat.  But I usually fall asleep and Hardy has to come wake me up.  I can't help that I love sleep.

On the weekends, if we're home, I will usually lay down and nap with her too.  My mom says this is a bad habit and I shouldn't be taking naps anyway.  Of course I long for the alone time with my husband again, which is becoming a thing of the past because of this routine we've created.  The selfish side of me also enjoys cuddling with her because she's so sweet.  I can remember when I was in elementary school I used to have the radio on all night and a nightlight.  In middle school I dropped the radio and had a fan clipped to my nightstand and that was my "white noise."  We already use a Dyson in Persephone's room for noise, because that thing surely doesn't push air for crap!

Last night we attempted to have her go to bed by herself - didn't work.  She even talked about it on the phone with Mimi & Pops during our nightly FaceTime..but when it came down to it - no go.  We did bath, watched some of The Santa Clause 2 and then headed to bed.  We read a bedtime story (a new thing) and when I was done, she begged to read it again...I realized she was stalling.  I asked which babies she wanted in the bed with her and she started whining.  I offered to turn on her new Ariel nightlight which plays Under the Sea, but she continued with the whining.

Whining eventually led to begging and crocodile tears + hugging me around the neck telling me "I'm too wittle to sleep by myself".  The tears continued and I caved.  I know I'm not helping her by caving and I'm not helping me...but gosh darn she knows how to cut deep.  So Daddy told us goodnight and as it was "my turn" she asked me to cuddle her and we went to sleep.  I've learned in these 3yrs that every family is different.  You do what works for you.  I was comforted to see on Facebook when I posted about it that many people with children around the same age (or older) still experience issues in their childs sleep habits.  You can get all of the advice in the world, but still you have to do what is best for you and your family.  I am open to all ideas, the worst I can do is say no!  SO please post your advice...

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