Oct 12, 2015

Disney (Cell phone pictures)

 On the plane train!

Blurry pic, but she was truly excited to see this WDW display at the airport

Lunch at Mama Melrose's

It's Sofia - is it my turn?

All Star Music provided Persephone with a BIRTHDAY Balloon!
They also had Goofy "call" her when we were checking in.

Pixie pals

I'm turning three Mickey

The gray stuff really was delicious.  I think it's a cookies & cream icing!

Look at the Dwarfs house!

Y'all we've never really watched any Pooh movies/cartoons, but she was smitten.

Proud little girl with her pin lanyard and autograph book!

Birthday cupcake #1 of our trip

Remember, I told you yesterday I'm three

Birthday cupcake #3!


So did they mean she couldn't sit on that hard ass bench 
with Snow, or that she just shouldn't climb on it?

This was the flight home....

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