Oct 8, 2015

Disney Vacay Day 4!

Our final day ::insert tears::

Animal Kingdom here we come!  I have to mention, as if it's not obvious - this day of our trip was the HOTTEST most MUGGIEST day.  Unfortunately I cannot hide sweating.  I'm a sweater, not like the kind you wear in the cold.  I hate it.  I brought a washrag from the hotel with me on this day because I constantly had to wipe my face.  We broke down and bought one of the $19.00 misting fans which Persephone ending up commandeering.

We had reservations for dinner at Rainforest Cafe, but as soon as we entered the park I went and asked to change it to an earlier time.  I'm glad I did because when we were done with AK, Hardy took Persephone back to MK. 

I'm not sure why Hardy wasn't as animated as Persephone and I...

We did It's Tough to Be A Bug first, then met Safari Mickey & Minnie.  

Hardy rode Expedition Everest then I rode Dinosaur and Persephone got to play at The Boneyard. 

Hardy was worried about losing his hat obvs

There is still a ton of construction going on right now as they make room for Avatar-land. 

We stopped to meet Daisy!  You can clearly see it was a HOT day.

We rushed to the other end of the park for Kilimanjaro Safari (a favorite of ours) and I didn't take the first picture.  I just wanted to enjoy it for what it was.  We realized after the safari we hadn't eaten any lunch.  Thank God I bumped our dinner up.  And it was so super good.  They have a new Brazilian inspired mini-menu and Hardy loved it.  The RC is on the Disney Dining plan so it was nice to not pay those jacked up tourist prices :)

Since it was our last night I was nervous about getting everything packed and ready so I went back to the hotel (boo) and Hardy took Persephone back to MK to meet Donald, ride Ariel, Dumbo and Barnstormer a few more times.  She got to meet Merida (they didn't have a photographer with her...what the crap?  Hardy had to use his phone and he's not the best photog).  She met Goofy again for the 4,000,000th time but she just loves him.

After meeting Merida, she just had to have a little stuffed bear - it's one of Merida's brothers from the movie Brave, his name is Harris.  Anyway - she HAD to show Donald and Goofy Harris.

Ta-da!  Look at Harris!

Tee hee, Goofy was being silly

They had a great time and I'm glad they got some Daddy/Daughter one on one.  I would have LOVED to go back, but I knew we had to be up early to get on Disney's Magical Express to the airport and wanted to have everything handled.

We slept good our last night, woke up at the crack of dawn; and breakfast at the food court at the hotel and headed to the airport.  Persephone was so tired she slept the ENTIRE flight home....literally from the moment we took off until we landed she was out.  I'm glad she took both flights so well!

We cannot WAIT to go back, duh.

Eventually I will post the pics from my cell phone

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