Jun 24, 2015

More reasons to stick with Zuiliy


Aside from pretty decent prices, I'm so impressed with Zulily's customer service! 

During one order, two of the items were delayed about two weeks and Zulily admitted they didn't know when the items would arrive and gave me the option to cancel.  Since they have a "no return" policy I was happy to be given the option to change my mind.  Basically Zulily just posts the deals and ships them, they don't manufacture any of the goods sold so that's why there can be a delay in shipment....but as long you understand that you're good as gold!

Another order a few weeks later, I ordered two tops.  Neither of which fit correctly or even looked remotely okay on me.  I reached out to them via email asking what I should do.  They replied apologizing I wasn't happy with the items and automatically applied a credit to my account equivalent of the items.  Also said if I don't plan on wearing them to donate them to a shelter. HOW NICE!

Then last week I placed another small order via their "READY TO SHIP" section, which one would think you would get the item sooner -vs- later.  A day later it showed the items were "In Transit to Zulily", but when I checked it on Monday it had gone back to "Processing."  I reached out again and they applied a $5 credit to my account.

I wasn't expecting a credit for either of the last two inquiries, but I'm glad to see they do offer options/compensation when orders don't go as planned!  Start shopping people ;)

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