Jun 15, 2015

Chestatee Wildlife Preserve

Sunday we went with Hardy's parents church and their youth group to the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega.

Aside from being puked on by Persephone on the trip up and it being horrifically hot/humid we did have a nice visit.  The property is clean and maintained well.  I was afraid with it being a small operation the animals may not have proper housing, but overall it seemed fine.  And there wasn't an abundance of junk or waste in the houses either.

My favorite animals were probably the zebras because they were as close to domestic as you could get (aside from the donkey.)  They would eat from your palm and let you briefly pet them.  At the end of our tour they provided a small animal encounter for the group.  I was lazy and decided to sit in the cool A/C in the car so I missed it, but Hardy snapped some photos!

Baby gator

On the bus (pre vomit)

Our brave girl!


Simon Augustus

I love that I caught him with his mouth open slightly.  
He's either smiling or talking.

This squirrel and I....well he appeared tame and then 
bit my finger when he realized I didn't have food to share.

There's a savannah cat to the left laying down.
These are actually sold as designer cats for a lot of money, 
But illegal in most states.

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