Jun 24, 2015


It's sad how "sickly" Persephone has been the last year.  Her immune system has certainly been tested....between ear infections, upper respiratory, a urinary tract infection...I mean really!?

Last Tuesday I was getting her ready for the pool after dinner and I noticed these "bug bites" on the inside of her right arm.  To me they looked like ant bites for the most part, but none of them had any substance to them, they were just red.  (Some images may be graphic I guess....)

Tuesday 6/16/15

That week we tried some hydro cortisone cream and A&D ointment (when she would allow it.)  They just kept getting more irritated. Finally Friday after we picked her up from daycare, we decided to swing by Urgent Care.  The doctor looked at it and diagnosed her with impetigo.

Friday 6/19/15 

You can obviously tell the one in her armpit got MUCH worse
after just a few days...

impetigo: a highly contagious bacterial skin infection most common in pre-school children.  It's more common around the nose or mouth.  But nonbullous impetigo starts as a red sore which eventually busts and leaks then forms a honey colored scabbing.  The sores are not painful, but can by itchy.  Although we never noticed Persephone scratching them...

So the doctor prescribed her with an oral antibiotic and said she wouldn't be contagious after 24-48hrs.  Of course I freaked out wondering if she had passed it around school and/or if Hardy and I had caught it.  Honestly it was slightly scary because what appeared to be minimal turned out to be a legit issue.  Thankfully she's healing great now.

This was Sunday 6/21/15

Armpit looking better

As of this morning she has no scabs, just dark pink spots where the sores were.  According to the doctor and internet, they shouldn't scar....we shall see.

So keep your eyes peeled parents!  If it doesn't look normal..chances are it's not.

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