Jan 23, 2015

Totally tubular

Wednesday morning we got to the ENT surgery center at about 6:50am.  Signed her in and waited to be called back.  There were two other babies there who were just over 1yr old getting tubes also.  It was comforting having a common interest there…made it a little easier.  I’m thankful we didn’t have to do it so young, but it wasn’t easy regardless.

We got situated in a room, they asked us a bunch of questions, gave us info on the procedure and how it’s done.  We let her ride in this giant chair with her Daisy and Mickey blanket and waited in the waiting room.   

They were so sweet talking to her, they even gave her some crayons and paper to color.

Within 30min it was her turn.  They escorted us back out into the waiting room.  Approx 15min later we could hear her crying (which meant she was awake) and they came to get us.  She immediately began drinking the juice they gave her and sent us on our way.

She was a little groggy/cranky on the car ride home, but asked for cookies so we swung in the McD’s drive-thru and got her some chocolate chip cookies.  I thought she was going to nap when we got home – I was mistaken.  You seriously would NEVER know she had anything done.  She was playing as normal, ate like a hog and was in a great mood all day.

The procedure itself was very quick; he made a small incision in her ear drum, popped in the tubes and voila!  They’re designed to last 4-18mos and as the ear drum heals it will eventually push the tube out.  Ideally by the time they’ve fallen out the sinuses should be better developed and can drain properly.  We have some drops he prescribed that we are to do twice a day in both ears for 4 days….good luck to us.  I did it to one ear last night and she wouldn’t let me touch them again.

She’s still feeling great and I’m hopeful the tubes are doing their job.

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